Thursday, 12 April 2012

Conservatories: Furniture for Conservatories

Studies show that the increase in disposable income means that home improvement is one of the largest growth areas in the UK economy today. More and more people are having conservatories and extensions built onto their homes, which in turn has led to an increase in the range of available furniture for conservatories. Read on to discover why you should be thinking of more than just the actual conservatory. 
The face of the conservatory industry has undergone a change in recent years. Conservatories are no longer simply seen as a small sunny place from which to better view your garden, conservatories are increasingly being seen as a valuable extra room within your house and if you invest in a Waterproof Couch Roll You could even open up the doors to the elements. This shift in the use of conservatories has led to an upsurge in the interest in conservatory accessories and furniture. After all, if you are going to spend money on gaining an extra room then why not ensure that it is a pleasant and comfortable place to be. Conservatories interior design and furniture is now being better blended with style throughout the rest of the house.

Traditionally rattan, cane and wicker have proved popular materials for furniture for conservatories and whilst these are still popular more modern choices are now also available. In fact, these days, there is so much choice of furniture available for conservatories that there is no excuse for not having the kind of room you desire. The way in which you design and furnish your conservatory should be in accordance with the way in which you plan for the room to be used. The way you design an extra dining room will be very different to your considerations for a home office. 

If you are looking for a company with vast experience of supplying and fitting conservatories then you have certainly come to the right place. Whatever your preferences, we design and build conservatories exactly to suit your very individual requirements. We oversee the whole conservatory fitting procedure from planning to completion, including electrics, tiling and climate control accessories.

Bespoke Furniture: Outdoor Furniture

If you treat your garden as an additional room to your house, you’ll want some special furniture.

Transforming your garden from a patch of grass into a functional, flexible outdoor room is one of the main jobs that people do when they move into a new home. Outdoor entertaining, or just having somewhere relaxing to sit on a summer’s evening has become increasingly important to us, and there is no shortage of television programmes or magazine features telling us how to do it.

Creating your garden has a lot to do with both hard and soft landscaping and planting, but no transformed garden is complete without tables, chairs, benches and other furniture.

You can buy garden furniture at a wide range of stores, from DIY warehouses to garden centres, but people are often surprised by the high cost of a piece of garden furniture, especially when it may be mostly plastic or cheaper wood. Spending a lot of money on your garden furniture and then only using it sparingly may not be the best use of your money, so why not consider commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture?

At Duncan Bruce, we can design and craft beautiful garden furniture that fits perfectly into your space and which will give your garden the “wow” factor. From outdoor tables and chairs to superior recliners and individual benches, we can give you a piece of bespoke furniture that will stand out from the crowd.

Our pieces are built for comfort as well as style, because we know that whilst some garden furniture looks great in the shop, it’s not always as usable as it seems. We design our furniture knowing that certain shapes and styles are more comfortable for sitting in the garden than others, and we listen to what you want to achieve before we come up with any designs.

A high quality piece of bespoke furniture is almost sculptural in its effect in your garden, setting off its surroundings to perfection. Look after it well, and it could last you a lifetime, and you have the added satisfaction of knowing that there’s not another piece like it.

Bespoke Furniture: Interior Furniture

We all love to have beautiful pieces of furniture.

An individual, specially designed piece of furniture can really make a difference to a room. Whether it is a bench in the hall, a coffee table in the lounge, bedside tables or a dining room table and chairs, a bespoke furniture maker can transform your room with his design and craftsmanship.

Most of us buy our furniture from national stores or local suppliers, and many find it frustrating that they cannot find exactly what they want, either in shape, style or material. The huge number of television programmes that concentrate on interior design and renovation, together with the range of interior magazines available means that we are more aware than ever of the way our homes look and we are continually searching for ways to make our rooms individual.

A great way to make your mark on your home is to commission a piece of bespoke furniture. This can be designed and crafted to your exact specifications, resulting in a unique piece of furniture.

For a special occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or landmark birthday, a particular piece of furniture could be the perfect present. Lasting a lifetime and designed to your own specifications, it’s a great way to mark an event.

Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture may be a bit scary, but it’s much easier than you think and prices can compare favourably with some of the more expensive furniture stores. Just by talking to a craftsman, you can discover a whole range of ways in which you can create an individual piece of furniture that will stand out in your home. From initial design drawings to choosing the materials, to finishing and delivering, you take a full part in the construction of your piece, which makes it highly personal and a potential family heirloom.

Diet: Healthy Organs

The state of your internal organs are key to your overall level of health, but because you cant see them or feel them, they are easy to ignore. Its often only when we are forced to change the way we live that we discover how much better we feel when we are looking after the inside of our body as well as the outside.


Your heart works as a pump, which sends oxygen-rich blood around your body. It is a complicated organ, the proper function and state of which is critical to your health. One of the contributing factors to an unhealthy heart is diet. Someone who is carrying too much weight, has a high salt intake or high fat intake can risk damaging their heart, limiting its functionality and risking heart disease or heart attacks.


The liver is a very important organ and has many functions. It is simplest to describe the liver as a filter, making sure that the beneficial things that we consume reach our bloodstream, whilst the waste is expelled. At any one time, around 13% of our blood is passing through our liver, which is the largest organ in your body. Because of its importance to our overall health, it is vital that we look after it. Over-consumption of any toxins, including alcohol or drugs, can have a serious impact on the livers ability to work and can damage it permanently. This could lead to damaging substances entering the blood stream, seriously affecting your health. Whilst many liver diseases are hereditary or caused by viruses, your diet can help to keep your liver in good condition.


Once the liver has filtered your blood, the waste blood products are sent to the kidneys.  The kidneys perform a further analysis of this blood, releasing useful chemicals back into the blood stream, and the waste into the bladder. Kidneys also produce three important hormones which stimulate red cell production by your bone marrow, regulate blood pressure and maintain calcium levels. Your kidneys will benefit from a diet which regulates or reduces your blood pressure, and which limits your intake of certain food types.

A good diet will improve the way your organs work, which in turn promotes your good health. Just because you dont feel them working doesnt mean that you shouldnt look after them.

Slimming: Healthy gifts

We’re often giving gifts to our family and friends; at birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, when we’ve been on a special holiday, or to thank them for something they’ve done for us. In a lot of cases, we give food. People like to receive food and drink as gifts, particularly if it’s something luxurious that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. The difficulty comes when they’re trying to lose weight, or eat healthily - what sort of gifts can you give?

In today’s consumer world, we can always find an alternative to the box of chocolates, or bottle of wine. In fact, there’s more choice of gifts now than ever before. If you go to mainstream, high street shops, you’ll find that their food gift baskets are full of luscious, indulgent products, but if you look a little harder and do a bit more research, you can find a wealth of healthy gifts.

Food baskets can be prepared with a wide range of healthy products; in fact, if you know the person well and know what they can and can’t eat, you can prepare your own special gift, full of the things they need to eat, with perhaps a little treat thrown in for good measure. Organic food baskets come with tasty snacks, fruit and other foodstuffs and you can get gift boxes specially prepared for children, or for someone who is recovering from an illness. Instead of baby clothes, try a “new mum” gift of healthy foods that she can munch any time of day or night, boosting her energy and helping her to regain her pre-pregnancy weight. Fill a box with foods that reduce stress or induce calm, for someone you know is under pressure.

Try taking someone on a day out, rather than handing them a tin of biscuits. Drive out into the countryside with a healthy picnic and have a walk. It will allow you to spend some time together and get some valuable exercise. Equally, you could treat them to a day at the gym or a spa to give them some relaxing time away from their everyday stresses, without having to pile on the calories.

Giving healthy gifts takes a bit more time and requires a bit of research and creativity, but they are always warmly welcomed by the receiver and you will have the pleasure of knowing you have contributed positively to their slimming programme.