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Body firming and fitness training

Body firming goes hand in hand with increased fitness.

Now that London is officially an Olympic host city, there’s a concerted effort being made to encourage us all to take up sport and increase our fitness. Whilst most of the money is being spent in the capital, counties from the far north of Scotland to the south coast of England are trying to combat obesity problems by advocating more participation in active exercise. If you are interested in body firming exercises rather than team games, the Power Plate® experience could be perfect for you.

Body firming and fitness go hand-in-hand

We’d all like a quick-fix that enables us to lose weight, become fitter and look toned all in one go. Like any activity, however, body firming requires effort and application on your part. Previously, you may have had to spend time in the gym, or take time out of your evenings to run or cycle, hoping that this type of exercise will give you the body firming results you’re looking for. But it can be difficult to find the time you need to keep your body trim, particularly if you’re already juggling the pressures of work, family and home. That’s why exercising using Power Plate® equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Body firming goes hand-in-hand with general fitness, because in order to give your body the lean, muscled look you want, you need to increase your fitness, improve your diet and exercise your whole body. The vibrations produced by Power Plate® products allow you to exercise normally, whilst working your muscles harder – multiple times per second, rather than just once or twice as is normal in traditional exercise. You will become fitter, lose excess fat and the body firming benefits will become visible.

The first steps towards body firming

Vibration training like that produced by Power Plate® equipment is already in use in professional sports training, including rugby, football and athletics training. There’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of this method, which can give you the body firming results you want. Training sessions can last for between 15 and 25 minutes and if you use the machines just three times a week, you could start to see an improvement in a relatively short time. If you think that this is the way to great body firming, check with your GP that you are OK to undertake this type of training and then either look for a gym or fitness centre that can offer you vibration training. Alternatively, you can buy Power Plate® equipment for your personal use, helping you to achieve body firming and increased fitness in the comfort of your own home.

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The History of Dental Implants

From, Mayan civilisation to modern dentistry techniques, there has been a world of progression with dental implants.

You may find it surprising, but dental implants have been around since Mayan times! Today dental implants are a major part of dentistry and are used to support crowns, bridges, dentures and more. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which supports such restorations as mentioned, and which resembles a tooth or group of teeth.

The Mayan Discovery

The Mayan civilisation was initially established around 2000 BC and it is known for being fantastically well developed. It is the only society to have had a fully-developed written language in the pre-Columbian Americas. The Mayans were sophisticated builders and architects as is evident from the huge stepped pyramids that still exist today. They were also extremely developed urban designers who managed to integrate agriculture into their cities – a feat that has proved impossible in many cities today. The Mayans were also the first people to have used implants embedded in the bone (endeosseous implants), over 1300 years ago.

In Honduras in the 1930s archaeologists found the remains of a Mayan woman, estimated to be in her twenties. In her mouth they found three tooth-shaped pieces of shell in the sockets of three missing incisor teeth in her jaw. Historians speculated as to whether they were placed in there after her death as in some ancient Egyptian rituals, but a Brazilian professor concluded that the shell pieces were placed in her mouth during her lifetime and that they were thus, the first example of dental implants.

Titanium Dental Implants

It is obvious, even to a non-dentist, that dental developments have been made since Mayan times. One of the most significant in terms of dental implants occurred in the 1950s. P I Branemark was an orthopaedic surgeon interested in bone healing and the use of titanium. He found in experiments that bone grew in such a close proximity to titanium that it practically adhered to it. His experiments were initially carried out with the intention of using titanium in hip and knee surgery but Branemark found that the mouth was more accessible for continued observation for his experiments. In 1965 he placed his first titanium dental implant in a human subject. Throughout the 60s and 70s he continued to develop the use of this metal in dental implants and today, titanium is still the element of choice.

Research into New Materials

Although dental implants are still made of titanium, current research is focusing on the use of ceramic materials such as zirconia. This material has been used successfully in orthopaedic surgery for several years and would be more aesthetically pleasing than titanium in dental implants because of its tooth-like colour.
Dental Implants, Invisible Braces and More…

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Decleor Cleansers – Wipe Away your Skin Worries

A good daily routine using Decleor cleansers, toners and more will leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Decleor is a leading skin care brand and it is evangelical when it comes to recommending how you look after your skin. Decleor cleansers are just part of the company’s range, and used properly as part of a daily routine, you could start and finish each day with beautiful, healthy skin.

Trust Decleor Cleansers

Decleor cleansers are specially formulated to help your skin stay as health as possible. Using essential oils and natural ingredients, the company focuses on the best way to give your skin a boost each day. Decleor has a skin regime that it recommends, but stresses that you should always talk to a skin care expert – and preferably one that knows the range of Decleor cleansers, toners and other skin treatments well – so that you end up with the right products and routine for your skin and your lifestyle. Here are some handy hints:

  • Cleanse morning and night – always cleanse your skin when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt can accumulate on your skin during the day, particularly if you work in a city, or you exercise during the day. Decleor cleansers are designed to gently remove the dirt and grease from your skin, leaving you feeling fresher and cleaner than before.

  • Choose Aromessence – as well as Decleor cleansers, you should invest in one of the Aromessence oils and balms – oil for day and balm for night. These products help to reinvigorate your skin and actually improve the results of any other skin treatment you use afterwards. A Decleor consultant would always recommend you add these to your routine.

  • Exfoliate – you don’t need to exfoliate every day – that could damage your skin. Instead, make it a regular weekly or ten-day treatment, where you remove the dead skin cells from your face using a Decleor cleanser or exfoliating product that is slightly abrasive, helping to dislodge skin that’s no longer needed. Follow with your usual routine for healthy, glowing skin.

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Benefits of camouflage makeup

Camouflage makeup has developed hugely in recent years and it subsequently offers a number of real benefits to certain people, with blemishes and imperfections that they can’t cover up with regular makeup.  Here are four advantages to camouflage makeup:

Disguise scars
Many people have to live with scars, from injuries, surgery and other incidents. Thankfully such scars can be disguised very effectively with the camouflage makeup that is available today.

It is an unfortunate fact that a lot of people get tattoos, only to regret them. However, anyone with their ex’s name on their arm or a misjudged Chinese phrase can cover it up with camouflage makeup, thus avoiding the pain and expense of laser removal.

Hide acne
Acne can be an embarrassing condition and can occur in adults as well as youths. Such people can cover up their pimples with camouflage makeup, giving them a smooth, clean complexion.

Increase confidence
The effects of camouflage makeup are not just superficial. Covering up blemishes such as those mentioned here can really increase a person’s confidence, enabling them to enjoy their lives.

The benefits of Brazilian hair treatments

The world of hairdressing is going wild for new treatments such as Brazilian hair treatment shampoos, which offer a whole range of benefits to your hair. Here are just three to consider. We’re sure you will be keen to give one of these treatments a try once you have read them:

Straight hair
For some people it seems just impossible to keep your hair from frizzing up and going wild, no matter how much or how often you use straightening irons on it. Thankfully there are some Brazilian hair treatments that promote straight hair from the point that you shampoo it, thus preventing the need for excessive straightening.

Fabulous condition
If you want luxurious, beautifully conditioned locks then Brazilian treatments are a great choice. As well as removing the need for over-straightening with irons – which damages hair and wears it out – these treatments nourish and leave you with a shiny head of hair.

Superb strength
Hair products such as Kerastraight are great for hair strength, and they can help you gain thicker, more lustrous locks which are strong and straight.

Decleor – Detox Your Skin

With the great range of natural Decleor products available, you can give your skin a real treat.

Although our skin is the largest body organ we have, many of us don’t give it the attention it deserves. We’re always being told to look after our organ functions – healthy heart, healthy liver, healthy kidneys – but rarely does anyone make a fuss about our skin. In fact, if you start to look after your internal organs, your skin will get healthier as well, but as leading skincare company Decleor knows, you can also spend extra time making sure your skin’s in top condition.

Decleor and the Importance of Skin

For a company like Decleor, produce development is all about finding ways to make your skin as healthy as possible. That’s why the company uses essential oils and natural ingredients that promote skin wellbeing. Alongside healthy eating, healthy drinking and an active lifestyle, the right skincare products can help to produce really beautiful skin. Decleor knows this and in addition to its popular range of products, is always looking for new ways to make your skin look and feel much better.

How Can Decleor Detox Your Skin?

Detox is all about removing harmful toxins from your body. Detox diets work by eating extremely healthy foods and superfoods, and keeping a strict eye on what you eat and drink. Detox skin care is about adding the right things to your skin rather than denying yourself. Your skin is always prone to damage – exposed to heat in the summer, and cold in the winter. Winds can toughen your skin and regular exposure to pollution can also be damaging – and is hard to avoid in a crowded country like the UK. Taking care of your skin using specialises Decleor products can help you to keep your skin as healthy as possible:

  • Eat and drink well – what you put into your body can be reflected in your skin. Although, for example, there’s no direct link between food and skin problems, people with healthy, balanced diets and good water intake will often have fresher, healthier skin. It’s worth changing your eating and drinking habits for your total body health.

  • Use the right products – when you’re choosing skin care products, try to avoid those that have lots of chemicals in them. These can often dry out your skin, or even cause problem patches. Stick to products by expert researchers like those at Decleor, which use natural ingredients to promote a healthy, well-balanced skin.

  • Follow a routine – a good skin care routine will help you to get the most from your products. Daily cleansing, toning and moisturising, along with exfoliating, moisturising after showering and protecting from the sun will all help you to achieve the glowing, healthy skin you’re looking for.

Dermalogica – Summer Skin Care

As you hope for warmer weather or jet off towards the sun, Dermalogica products should be your closest companion.

Although it’s important that you look after your skin all year round, you need to adjust your skincare regime with the seasons. Dermalogica products are specifically designed to keep your skin as healthy as possible and its these products, which are the result of dedicated research and development, that are great for looking after your skin during the summer.

Your Dermalogica Summer Routine

The basic routines of cleanse, tone and moisturise still apply during the summer, but when the weather’s warm, you probably want to look at products that keep your skin feeling fresh and don’t clog up your pores. Whether you’re male or female, looking after your skin during warm, dry weather is important to the way your skin looks and feels all year round. Here are some things you might want to think about:

  • Change moisturiser – during the winter, using a heavier moisturiser might be great for cold, dry skin, but you won’t want something so heavy in the summer. Don’t stop using moisturiser – just look at Dermalogica’s range of creams and oils which can give you the moisturising results you need without feeling like you’re putting an extra layer on your skin.

  • Sun protection – protecting your skin from the sun is important all year round – it’s not just when you can feel the warmth on your skin that the sun’s doing the damage. Obviously, however, the risks are greater during the summer, which is why you should check out Dermalogica products that have built-in UV protection. You should also get your hands on their after-sun products so if you do damage your skin at all, you have a soothing and repairing balm to use.

  • Keep to your routine – if you have oily skin, or you have problems with acne, it’s tempting to thing that the warmer air can dry out your face, giving you better-looking skin. In fact, you could be doing more harm than good. If you have a problem with oily skin, check out Dermalogica’s product range, where you’ll find great products that will really help. Use them and keep to your skin care routine for a better chance to improve your skin.

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