Thursday, 19 January 2012

Smile Makeover – Put a Smile on Your Face

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Everything seems to be getting a makeover these days – our homes, our bodies, our hair, but what about our teeth? A ‘smile makeover’ can make all the difference. Some people opt for dentures and other cosmetic procedures so it essential to find a good clinic with the help of an NHS dentist finder.

What is a ‘smile makeover’?

In recent years there have been major advances to teeth whitening procedures. Ever since Hollywood movie stars began to dazzle the world with their bright smiles, white teeth have been associated with success, attractiveness and health. But teeth whitening could in fact be incredibly harmful to the teeth’s enamel. Now procedures such as BriteSmile mean it’s never been safer to have a ‘smile makeover’.

Yellowing teeth

With all the focus on weight, make-up and hair, it’s easy to forget how important teeth are. If you have yellowing teeth it can look unsightly and worse, make you hide your smile or restrict your smile. With a smile makeover, white teeth means you’ll be relaxed and happy to show off your teeth.

Smile – the physiognomy

A smile makeover isn’t just about looking good. Our emotional state influences how happy and motivated we are. If we are confident and secure we are more likely to succeed and grab life’s opportunities than if we are miserable, depressed or insecure. We can actually change our emotional state by pretending to feel happy. Studies have proven that physiognomy can affect our emotional state. By adopting a stressed out face, our heart rate and body temperature adapt indicating an emotional response. If you want to feel better, just start laughing and smiling. Try it now! You can actually use physiognomy to become more confident, motivated and happy. But if you are concerned your smile is ugly and your teeth are discoloured, perhaps its time to consider a smile makeover.

Tom Cruise and his smile makeover

It’s perhaps not surprising then that it’s actors in Hollywood who have led the teeth whitening and smile makeover trends. Stars such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are all associated with success and beauty, and their smile makeovers are central to their look.

Choose a smile makeover and put a smile on your face

If you are looking for a smile makeover and want to feel confident and happy about your pearly whites, there are cosmetic dentistry procedures that are safe for your teeth, such as BriteSmile. There are also key things to avoid if you want to maintain your smile, such as coffee, smoking and red wine. You may have enjoyed any of these things in your life, but the likelihood is they have turned your teeth a disgusting shade of yellow – time for a smile makeover!


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  2. Aside from being a frustrated actor (‘cause Tom Cruise is mentioned here, hehe), I’m also a fan of gorgeous smiles. It’s my girlfriend’s smile that made me fall for her in the first place. I didn’t know she had a smile makeover before we met. Well, it’s actually okay for me. Her personality (especially her being cheerful) matters most to me.

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  3. It is more forcing on dental treatment options than type of treatment because sometimes you need alternate due to financial budget. So always keep in mind before going for smile makeover make sure you know all the alternative options as well. This will help you in getting affordable dental treatment at affordable prices.

  4. A smile makeover is a part of cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile. Over 55% of people don't feel confident to smile in a photograph.