Friday, 25 May 2012

Reading Glasses - Guide to Hair and Make-up

Most women believe that their best features are their eyes and their hair, so how can you make them work together when you need to wear reading glasses?

The emphasis should fall on the word “need” in the above sentence, as reading glasses can often be seen as a requirement rather than a fashion accessory.  But that doesn't have to be the case if you find the right pair.

Male and female celebrities who do not require distance or reading glasses are turning to  previously undesirable frames as a major fashion accessory.  As a result, clear lens reading glasses have made a significant mark in UK fashion.

But how can you make the most of your reading glasses? After all, reading glasses need to be carefully chosen to suit your face shape, your personality and your style.  Even hairstyles and cosmetics affect the way your reading glasses look, and vice versa. 

Reading Glasses to Suit Your Hairstyle

  • Short A-line bob – The popular bob is extremely versatile with various reading glasses available.  For the best effect, choose angular or oval frames.
  • Long hair – Most frames will look great with long hairstyles so the best thing to do is experiment with a variety of reading glasses. 
  • Soft and curly hair – Don't clash luscious curls with bold reading glasses.  Choose delicate shapes, rimless frames and translucent colours.
  • Tight curls – Stick to classic styles when choosing reading glasses. 

Reading Glasses and Eye Make-up

Too many women believe that when wearing distance or reading glasses it is not worth bothering with eye make-up.  But you can make your reading glasses work well with your make-up to enhance your eyes.

Lenses can often make your eyes appear bigger or smaller depending on whether you are long-sighted or short-sighted.  Reading glasses will make your eyes appear larger so the right make-up is needed to regain that natural balance. 

If you are long-sighted and require reading glasses, your eyes will be magnified so apply your make-up sparingly to avoid that drag queen look.  Dark mascara will give you definition but avoid harsh lines and thick mascara.

With reading glasses, you may also want to apply a layer of concealer before you start the eye make-up as reading glasses will magnify your flaws as well as your features!

Sexy Hair Products from Bodycare2000

Sexy Hair products do exactly what they say – give you sexy hair – it's not surprising that Sexy Hair is one of the fastest growing beauty care products in the industry today.

Sexy Hair products AND beauty salon supplies have a strong brand image – innovative, youthful, fun – a professional but accessible hair care brand. The American brand has recently added two celebrity spokespeople – American Idol star Kellie Pickler and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Cheryl Burke – to join the Pussycat Dolls as the new faces of Sexy Hair.
In a press release, the CEO of Sexy Hair, Jim Morrison said: “Sexy Hair is an attitude! It's about youth, energy, vitality and feeling sexy. Kellie Pickler and Cheryl Burke are two of the sexiest women on the planet, they both represent what Sexy Hair is all about and they both look spectacular.”

Get Sexy Hair with Bodycare2000

If you're looking for Sexy Hair products, Bodycare2000 is your one stop shop for all your haircare needs. Bodycare2000 is a hair and beauty mail order expert with 15 years of experience in hairdressing and beauty therapy. You can be sure all the products on our site are premium brands used only in professional salons. Retail sale of Sexy Hair products is only authorised through professional beauty salons. At Bodycare2000 you can buy leading brands including Sexy Hair products at fantastic discounts.

Sexy Hair Products

Sexy Hair is an American brand that manufactures haircare products for the professional beauty industry. Based in California, Sexy Hair distributes its professional haircare products to over 60,000 salons in America, as well as salons across 36 countries. Sexy Hair is a brand that exudes fun and creativity. Founded by Michael O'Rourke, Sexy Hair products are the result of O'Rourke's international career with 35 salons across South Africa and 30 salons across America. When Jim Morrison became President of Sexy Hair in 2006, the brand went from strength to strength. Morrison worked for L'Oreal before joining Sexy Hair, with 23 years in the professional beauty industry. In 2009, Morrison moved to Sexy Hair's parent company, Luxe Beauty Holdings, and Estee Lauder's Karl-Heinz Pitsch took over the position of Chief Operating Officer.
It isn't surprising with this pedigree of beauty experts at the helm, Sexy Hair products have worldwide recognition. The innovative range of Sexy Hair products make the line perfect for salons looking for a creative edge. And no matter what your hair type, Sexy Hair promise to sex it up with professional brands including Strong Sexy Hair, Big Sexy Hair, Curly Sexy Hair, Colour Me Sexy and Sexy Hair Organics, amongst others.

Fudge – Big Hair Is Back

Bigger the better is the trend for hair this season, and Fudge Body Building products are just the thing to get you pumped up.

It is well known that fashions return for another airing after a few years so it’s no surprise that big hair is back and is this season’s top fashion must have. You only need to look at the covers of magazines to see that some of the top celebrities are favouring this look, and at this years Oscars many of the female guests were sporting the 'Bigger Is Better' look on the red carpet. With the new range from Fudge you too can have fuller thicker hair and keep up to date with the trends.

Top female Celebs setting the style.
Most people get their style ideas from celebrities that are featured on TV or in magazines. The media is always quick to photograph new celebrities with new looks. A good example of this is Victoria Beckham who is on the cover of nearly every magazine when she gets a new ‘do’. In the last few months women in the public eye have been setting the trend for the fuller hairstyle: Mary Kate Olsen, Angelina Jolie and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker to name but a few. Fudge has now released their new brand of shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for building body and shine so you too can achieve the film star look.

Keeping your style all day.
Once you have achieved the big hair look you want to make sure that your style stays looking good. There is nothing worse than your hairstyle dropping and looking flat after a few hours. Fudge has a great range in styling and finishing products to keep your hair high and mighty all day and night. Fat Head by Fudge creates root lift and volume to your hair to give it a firm yet shiny hold that will not disappoint.

Paint the town read with Fudge
You have the volume but you still want something a bit different? Why not try something totally diverse and go for a brand new look by changing your hair colour! Fudge Paintbox has a wide range of colours to choose from, below are a select few from the range:

Blue Hawaii
Pink Moon
Hot Chilli
Purple Haze

These extreme Fudge Semi Permanent colours give you an immediate and funky new look. It works by staining the cuticle layer of the hair to give vibrant dramatic colour that lasts up to 30 washes and because it contains no ammonia or peroxide you don’t have to worry about it damaging you hair.

Fudge – The Hair Gum Sensation

With such a vast array of styling gels on the market, it can be hard knowing which to choose, but with Fudge Hair Gum, you may have just found the answer.

Hair styling gels are popular for both men and women who have trouble keeping their hairstyle in place. If you’re looking for a hair gel that gives a long lasting hold, then the Fudge Hair Gum is a great product to try.

Fudge – Hair Gum Hold

Fudge Hair Gum is designed to maximise the hold of your hairstyle, whether it’s short or you have real hair extensions. Regarded as an extreme hold controlling gel and one of the strongest in the Fudge hair care range, this product is perfect for short or long hair. When dried, this product gives exceptional hold, so there is less need to worry about your hairstyle collapsing during a night out. Many people don’t know which product to use in order to get the hold they need, but Fudge Hair Gum is a great solution because it is considered to be the “ultimate hair controller”.

Perfect for those wanting the “spiky wet look”, Fudge Hair Gum offers what many products only claim to offer. The hold is intense and the effect is striking. It can add significant volume to fine hair, which can be beneficial to men and women who have hair so fine that they find they cannot style it properly. With the Fudge Hair Gum, styling your hair just became a lot simpler and more effective.

Fudge – Buying The Fudge Hair Gum

With Fudge, you get the peace of mind that you are buying something that has been developed by a company proud of their creative hair care products. In addition to this, Fudge promotes ethical hair care testing and does not condone animal testing. The official Fudge website even offers a more “jokey” side to the brand, indicating that they test their new products on “Shazza and Dazza” (the humans) rather than harm any animals.

If you have decided to try the Fudge Hair Gum, buying online is a great way to get the product you want at the best price. It is important to find a reputable hair care company that has an array of Fudge products to offer you. Combining your Fudge products is a great way to get the best results for your hair. If you are thinking of buying the Fudge Hair Gum, why not purchase the Fudge Shampoo and Conditioner too? Using the entire range of Fudge products will help make your hair look the best it ever has.

Modelling: Five Tips for Skincare

A flawless complexion is one of the key modelling requirements. It’s almost impossible for anyone to have perfect skin all the time, but here are five things that can help.

1.             Water. Drink lots and lots of water, every day. Not excessive, but experts recommend about 8       glasses a day to keep your system healthy and to replace the fluid that you lose throughout the      day. Your general health is reflected in your skin, so drink water rather than affricated drinks             and alcohol.

2.             Diet. Your diet affects how your skin looks as well as how you feel and how much you weigh.        Eating the wrong things, such as too much sugar or saturated fats can make your skin spotty and            greasy. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, though, and choosing fish and          chicken over red meat, contributes to a much healthier you, and softer skin with less blemishes.

3.             Sleep. Again, it’s all related to your general health. Lack of sleep means that your skin hasn’t         had the time to relax and rejuvenate, leading to bags and dark patches around the eyes, and         older-looking skin. Plenty of sleep on the other hand, combined with a good, light, night-time             moisturiser rubbed into the skin before you go to bed, will make a big difference to the way your    skin looks in the morning.

4.             Routine. You should have a good skincare routine that you follow religiously. This doesn’t mean   that you have to spend hours administering creams, just that you make it part of your normal             daily routine. Using light cleansers and alcohol-free toners will freshen your face, and using a          day-time moisturiser, selected to work with your skin-type will all help to keep your skin soft and                   supple. Exfoliate at least once a week and then moisturise to protect your skin.

5.             Sun Screen. The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. To protect your skin properly, you should apply   sun screen every day to your face, hands and any other parts of your body that are regularly              exposed. This will help to reduce the onset of ageing in your skin and also provide some       protection against the risk of skin cancers.

If you’re going to have a modelling career, then you really need to be taking very good care of yourself. Good skincare should be part of everyone’s daily routine, but it’s part of a model’s livelihood and has to be taken seriously.