Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Promotional Modelling

Commercial modelling is different to fashion modelling because the height and size restrictions aren’t so specific. This means that there are lots of opportunities for work in various areas of commercial modelling, one of which is product promotion. To find out more visit www.modelsblog.info/

Lots of companies engage in product promotion. It is an ideal way to get your product in front of the customer, giving them the opportunity to see how the product works and to try it for themselves. Models are often used in product promotions because the public is drawn to attractive people, and are more likely to stop and look at the product. For certain products, the model’s skills at walking or posing are also useful for showing the product in its best light.

Getting it Right

It is common for the models to be trained by the business before the public promotion begins. This is because members of the public often have questions about the product and it reflects badly on the company if their representative can’t give any answers. On some occasions, the model may be required to sell the product, in which case they will need to be trained in handling various payment methods and ensuring the security of the money and the product. On the other hand, the model may just be asked to take details of interested parties for the sales team to follow up.


Modelling for product promotion can involve anything from giving out leaflets to modelling clothes or demonstrating how a product works. To be a successful product model, you will need to be a quick learner, reliable, punctual and have lots of stamina – often these product demonstrations are in shopping malls, high streets or at trade shows, all of which are hard work. The benefits are that you will be interacting with a lot of people, and you will get several days work – the pre-promotion training, plus the number of days you are to spend on the promotion.

Whilst product demonstration modelling may not be what you envisaged from your modelling career, it gives you valuable experience in dealing with people, working long hours and selling a product. These are skills that you will need if you want to take advantage of the modelling opportunities that come your way.

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