Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bespoke Furniture: Outdoor Furniture

If you treat your garden as an additional room to your house, you’ll want some special furniture.

Transforming your garden from a patch of grass into a functional, flexible outdoor room is one of the main jobs that people do when they move into a new home. Outdoor entertaining, or just having somewhere relaxing to sit on a summer’s evening has become increasingly important to us, and there is no shortage of television programmes or magazine features telling us how to do it.

Creating your garden has a lot to do with both hard and soft landscaping and planting, but no transformed garden is complete without tables, chairs, benches and other furniture.

You can buy garden furniture at a wide range of stores, from DIY warehouses to garden centres, but people are often surprised by the high cost of a piece of garden furniture, especially when it may be mostly plastic or cheaper wood. Spending a lot of money on your garden furniture and then only using it sparingly may not be the best use of your money, so why not consider commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture?

At Duncan Bruce, we can design and craft beautiful garden furniture that fits perfectly into your space and which will give your garden the “wow” factor. From outdoor tables and chairs to superior recliners and individual benches, we can give you a piece of bespoke furniture that will stand out from the crowd.

Our pieces are built for comfort as well as style, because we know that whilst some garden furniture looks great in the shop, it’s not always as usable as it seems. We design our furniture knowing that certain shapes and styles are more comfortable for sitting in the garden than others, and we listen to what you want to achieve before we come up with any designs.

A high quality piece of bespoke furniture is almost sculptural in its effect in your garden, setting off its surroundings to perfection. Look after it well, and it could last you a lifetime, and you have the added satisfaction of knowing that there’s not another piece like it.

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