Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nad's – The Experts in Hair Removal

About Nad's

The growth of Nad's from one Australian mother's kitchen into becoming a global brand is a remarkable story. Nad's began in 1992 when Sue Ismiel designed a natural hair removal product from everyday ingredients for her daughter. The success of the hair removal mixture spread from family to friends, before being embraced by Australia, Europe, America and the Middle East. The success of Nad's meant the company could plough research and innovation into the hair removal field, resulting in a comprehensive range of award winning hair removal products that are now used in professional salons throughout the world.

Nad's – A Phenomenon in the Beauty Industry

The phenomenal success of Nad's illustrates the huge need for effective, safe, therapeutic hair removal and skincare products. And Nad's is trusted worldwide thanks to its commitment to using the very best ingredients sourced as close to nature as possible. The success of Nad's for men and women has inspired and informed many features in the media about how to achieve sexy, smooth, fuzz free skin the expert way. Whether it's to look good in a bikini, or to feel less self conscious in your everyday life, Nad's can help. Nad's takes a holistic approach to hair removal, with four key steps: remove, soothe, release and exfoliate.

Nad's – Targeting Your Needs

It couldn't be easier to remove unwanted hair with the Nad's range of hair removal products to suit every skin type and body area – find a method that suits you. Nad's Natural Hair Removal Gel for example uses 100% natural ingredients and is easy to use, washing away with water. Nad's also has a range of waxing products, or for those with super sensitive skin, try the gentle hair removal crème. After hair removal, Nad's recommends you release the hair follicles to reduce the risk of unsightly ingrown hairs. Nad's Ingrow Solution will ensure your smooth skin won't be spoilt by nasty, uncomfortable red bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Nad's Ingrow Solution features Green Tea Leaf extract and Aloe Vera for a soothing and supple effect.
To target particular parts of the body, Nad's has a variety of solutions. The Nad's Facial Wand is the easiest way to achieve salon-quality results on your eyebrows at home. With its slimline applicator, it's perfect for delicate facial areas.

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