Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dermalogica – Summer Skin Care

As you hope for warmer weather or jet off towards the sun, Dermalogica products should be your closest companion.

Although it’s important that you look after your skin all year round, you need to adjust your skincare regime with the seasons. Dermalogica products are specifically designed to keep your skin as healthy as possible and its these products, which are the result of dedicated research and development, that are great for looking after your skin during the summer.

Your Dermalogica Summer Routine

The basic routines of cleanse, tone and moisturise still apply during the summer, but when the weather’s warm, you probably want to look at products that keep your skin feeling fresh and don’t clog up your pores. Whether you’re male or female, looking after your skin during warm, dry weather is important to the way your skin looks and feels all year round. Here are some things you might want to think about:

  • Change moisturiser – during the winter, using a heavier moisturiser might be great for cold, dry skin, but you won’t want something so heavy in the summer. Don’t stop using moisturiser – just look at Dermalogica’s range of creams and oils which can give you the moisturising results you need without feeling like you’re putting an extra layer on your skin.

  • Sun protection – protecting your skin from the sun is important all year round – it’s not just when you can feel the warmth on your skin that the sun’s doing the damage. Obviously, however, the risks are greater during the summer, which is why you should check out Dermalogica products that have built-in UV protection. You should also get your hands on their after-sun products so if you do damage your skin at all, you have a soothing and repairing balm to use.

  • Keep to your routine – if you have oily skin, or you have problems with acne, it’s tempting to thing that the warmer air can dry out your face, giving you better-looking skin. In fact, you could be doing more harm than good. If you have a problem with oily skin, check out Dermalogica’s product range, where you’ll find great products that will really help. Use them and keep to your skin care routine for a better chance to improve your skin.

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