Thursday, 5 July 2012

Decleor – Detox Your Skin

With the great range of natural Decleor products available, you can give your skin a real treat.

Although our skin is the largest body organ we have, many of us don’t give it the attention it deserves. We’re always being told to look after our organ functions – healthy heart, healthy liver, healthy kidneys – but rarely does anyone make a fuss about our skin. In fact, if you start to look after your internal organs, your skin will get healthier as well, but as leading skincare company Decleor knows, you can also spend extra time making sure your skin’s in top condition.

Decleor and the Importance of Skin

For a company like Decleor, produce development is all about finding ways to make your skin as healthy as possible. That’s why the company uses essential oils and natural ingredients that promote skin wellbeing. Alongside healthy eating, healthy drinking and an active lifestyle, the right skincare products can help to produce really beautiful skin. Decleor knows this and in addition to its popular range of products, is always looking for new ways to make your skin look and feel much better.

How Can Decleor Detox Your Skin?

Detox is all about removing harmful toxins from your body. Detox diets work by eating extremely healthy foods and superfoods, and keeping a strict eye on what you eat and drink. Detox skin care is about adding the right things to your skin rather than denying yourself. Your skin is always prone to damage – exposed to heat in the summer, and cold in the winter. Winds can toughen your skin and regular exposure to pollution can also be damaging – and is hard to avoid in a crowded country like the UK. Taking care of your skin using specialises Decleor products can help you to keep your skin as healthy as possible:

  • Eat and drink well – what you put into your body can be reflected in your skin. Although, for example, there’s no direct link between food and skin problems, people with healthy, balanced diets and good water intake will often have fresher, healthier skin. It’s worth changing your eating and drinking habits for your total body health.

  • Use the right products – when you’re choosing skin care products, try to avoid those that have lots of chemicals in them. These can often dry out your skin, or even cause problem patches. Stick to products by expert researchers like those at Decleor, which use natural ingredients to promote a healthy, well-balanced skin.

  • Follow a routine – a good skin care routine will help you to get the most from your products. Daily cleansing, toning and moisturising, along with exfoliating, moisturising after showering and protecting from the sun will all help you to achieve the glowing, healthy skin you’re looking for.

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