Thursday, 24 May 2012

Modelling: A – Z

There are so many terms to learn and things to consider when you start your modelling career. Get started here with our handy A – Z guide of modelling, starting with A to F. To find out more visit

A is for Agency

Getting onto a modelling agency’s books is the most important step in your career. Call some agencies and ask for their requirements. Once you’re on the books, they’ll help you to find work.

B is for Booker

A booker usually works for larger agencies. It is the booker’s job to put forward a number of models that suit a client’s requirements, and make the arrangements for the job once the client has selected a model to work with.

C is for Contract

Check out your contract with an agency. Most of them will be fine, but it’s worth your peace of mind to get a solicitor to cast an eye over it. This ensures you’re not surprised down the line.

D is for Diary

No model should turn up to the agency or to a job without a diary. To get work, you must be available, and if you’re not available, you’ll need to tell the agency or the client as soon as possible. Not doing so could damage your reputation as a professional.

E is for Emotions

Successful modelling requires a healthy emotional balance. If you’re very insecure, or easily stressed, then perhaps this isn’t the career for you. Strength of character and heaps of self-confidence are what it takes to succeed.

F is for Fashion

Fashion is the modelling industry’s biggest shop window. Whether its runway, editorial or advertising, it’s usually fashion models that become supermodels and earn those elusive millions.

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