Friday, 25 May 2012

Fudge – Big Hair Is Back

Bigger the better is the trend for hair this season, and Fudge Body Building products are just the thing to get you pumped up.

It is well known that fashions return for another airing after a few years so it’s no surprise that big hair is back and is this season’s top fashion must have. You only need to look at the covers of magazines to see that some of the top celebrities are favouring this look, and at this years Oscars many of the female guests were sporting the 'Bigger Is Better' look on the red carpet. With the new range from Fudge you too can have fuller thicker hair and keep up to date with the trends.

Top female Celebs setting the style.
Most people get their style ideas from celebrities that are featured on TV or in magazines. The media is always quick to photograph new celebrities with new looks. A good example of this is Victoria Beckham who is on the cover of nearly every magazine when she gets a new ‘do’. In the last few months women in the public eye have been setting the trend for the fuller hairstyle: Mary Kate Olsen, Angelina Jolie and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker to name but a few. Fudge has now released their new brand of shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for building body and shine so you too can achieve the film star look.

Keeping your style all day.
Once you have achieved the big hair look you want to make sure that your style stays looking good. There is nothing worse than your hairstyle dropping and looking flat after a few hours. Fudge has a great range in styling and finishing products to keep your hair high and mighty all day and night. Fat Head by Fudge creates root lift and volume to your hair to give it a firm yet shiny hold that will not disappoint.

Paint the town read with Fudge
You have the volume but you still want something a bit different? Why not try something totally diverse and go for a brand new look by changing your hair colour! Fudge Paintbox has a wide range of colours to choose from, below are a select few from the range:

Blue Hawaii
Pink Moon
Hot Chilli
Purple Haze

These extreme Fudge Semi Permanent colours give you an immediate and funky new look. It works by staining the cuticle layer of the hair to give vibrant dramatic colour that lasts up to 30 washes and because it contains no ammonia or peroxide you don’t have to worry about it damaging you hair.

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