Friday, 25 May 2012

Modelling: Five Tips for Skincare

A flawless complexion is one of the key modelling requirements. It’s almost impossible for anyone to have perfect skin all the time, but here are five things that can help.

1.             Water. Drink lots and lots of water, every day. Not excessive, but experts recommend about 8       glasses a day to keep your system healthy and to replace the fluid that you lose throughout the      day. Your general health is reflected in your skin, so drink water rather than affricated drinks             and alcohol.

2.             Diet. Your diet affects how your skin looks as well as how you feel and how much you weigh.        Eating the wrong things, such as too much sugar or saturated fats can make your skin spotty and            greasy. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, though, and choosing fish and          chicken over red meat, contributes to a much healthier you, and softer skin with less blemishes.

3.             Sleep. Again, it’s all related to your general health. Lack of sleep means that your skin hasn’t         had the time to relax and rejuvenate, leading to bags and dark patches around the eyes, and         older-looking skin. Plenty of sleep on the other hand, combined with a good, light, night-time             moisturiser rubbed into the skin before you go to bed, will make a big difference to the way your    skin looks in the morning.

4.             Routine. You should have a good skincare routine that you follow religiously. This doesn’t mean   that you have to spend hours administering creams, just that you make it part of your normal             daily routine. Using light cleansers and alcohol-free toners will freshen your face, and using a          day-time moisturiser, selected to work with your skin-type will all help to keep your skin soft and                   supple. Exfoliate at least once a week and then moisturise to protect your skin.

5.             Sun Screen. The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. To protect your skin properly, you should apply   sun screen every day to your face, hands and any other parts of your body that are regularly              exposed. This will help to reduce the onset of ageing in your skin and also provide some       protection against the risk of skin cancers.

If you’re going to have a modelling career, then you really need to be taking very good care of yourself. Good skincare should be part of everyone’s daily routine, but it’s part of a model’s livelihood and has to be taken seriously.

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