Friday, 25 May 2012

Reading Glasses - Guide to Hair and Make-up

Most women believe that their best features are their eyes and their hair, so how can you make them work together when you need to wear reading glasses?

The emphasis should fall on the word “need” in the above sentence, as reading glasses can often be seen as a requirement rather than a fashion accessory.  But that doesn't have to be the case if you find the right pair.

Male and female celebrities who do not require distance or reading glasses are turning to  previously undesirable frames as a major fashion accessory.  As a result, clear lens reading glasses have made a significant mark in UK fashion.

But how can you make the most of your reading glasses? After all, reading glasses need to be carefully chosen to suit your face shape, your personality and your style.  Even hairstyles and cosmetics affect the way your reading glasses look, and vice versa. 

Reading Glasses to Suit Your Hairstyle

  • Short A-line bob – The popular bob is extremely versatile with various reading glasses available.  For the best effect, choose angular or oval frames.
  • Long hair – Most frames will look great with long hairstyles so the best thing to do is experiment with a variety of reading glasses. 
  • Soft and curly hair – Don't clash luscious curls with bold reading glasses.  Choose delicate shapes, rimless frames and translucent colours.
  • Tight curls – Stick to classic styles when choosing reading glasses. 

Reading Glasses and Eye Make-up

Too many women believe that when wearing distance or reading glasses it is not worth bothering with eye make-up.  But you can make your reading glasses work well with your make-up to enhance your eyes.

Lenses can often make your eyes appear bigger or smaller depending on whether you are long-sighted or short-sighted.  Reading glasses will make your eyes appear larger so the right make-up is needed to regain that natural balance. 

If you are long-sighted and require reading glasses, your eyes will be magnified so apply your make-up sparingly to avoid that drag queen look.  Dark mascara will give you definition but avoid harsh lines and thick mascara.

With reading glasses, you may also want to apply a layer of concealer before you start the eye make-up as reading glasses will magnify your flaws as well as your features!

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